Trasna Na Líne: Workshop in Malmö

In January 2020 Moomsteatern in Malmö hosted a workshop for artists from Teatr 21 and Blue Teapot theatre company.

Trasna Na Líne: Seminar in Malmö: Academy – and for what?

On January 29 2020 a seminar was held at Moomsteatern in Malmö introducing the following: Academy – and for what? We gathered three of the theatres from Trasna Na Líne/Crossing the Line, to talk about how they have chosen to recruit and educate their actors. What challenges do they face and what are their future…

Trasna Na Líne in Warsaw: Visible / Invisible panel

“Visible / Invisible” panel  On November 13, 2019, we participated in the “Visible / Invisible” panel which took place at the POLIN Museum in Warsaw. The panels discussed the situation of artists with disabilities in various contexts. Are the realities and strategies of social inclusion in art in Eastern and Western Europe very different? What…

Trasna Na Líne: Workshop in Warsaw

International manifesto – workshops in Warsaw  – November 12-13th 2019 Our joint work was scheduled for two workshop days. The subject of the meeting was inspired by the performance of Teatr 21: “Revolution That Never Was”, which we expanded to include an international context. We wanted to take advantage of the potential of the presence…

The start of Trasna Na Líne

The first project meeting for Trasna Na Líne were hosted by Teatr 21 in Warsaw, Poland, in September 2019.