Ogmius: Skill based residency: Textlab, week one

Each actor got the whole script in their own language, but each script also contained the translations into the other two languages, making it easier for the actors to follow what the others were saying. The script was delivered to the actors in January, just a couple of weeks before the first Textlab week. Each of the actors also had at least one support person in their own organisation following the process, helping them rehearse in between Textlab weeks and supporting them during the Textlab weeks.

In February the three actors mainly rehearsed the script, in April they continued to rehearse but also recorded the first part of the play and in June they mainly focused on recording the second part of the script. Each company set up a small film studio where the play was recorded, to create the sense that they were all in the same room. They all had a black backdrop and wore white clothes.

In the time between these weeks the actors worked separately in each organisation together with the support person to rehearse the script. The aim of this work was to learn and understand the text. The support person was there to help the actor learn their lines, but also to analyse the text and understand the subtext/meaning of the scenes.

> Watch a film documenting the process of Textlab by clicking here.

> Watch a selection of scenes from the work made during Textlab.