Ogmius: Skill based residency in Roubaix

The first residency of the OGMIUS project was held in December 3-14  2018. L’Oiseau-Mouche invited two artists to lead the workshop: Michel Schweizer and Pascal Queneau. Together they designed a two-weeks programme:

  • the first week focused on Michel’s approach to contemporary dance and theatre;
  • the second week led by Pascal Queneau and focused on body improvisation.

Three artists from Mind the Gap, three artists from Moomsteatern and five artists from l’Oiseau-Mouche shared their practice and learned together. The residency was also designed to be an experimental space for Matthew Reason, associate academic, and Lauren Hall, PhD student, who tested out a method with the actors to work on memory, self-reflection and self-evaluation.

> Click here to watch a film about the residency at Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche (in French, with English subtitles).