Ogmius: L’Oiseau-Mouche hosted supporting staff shadowing

In February 25 – March 1 2019 staff members from Mind the Gap (UK) and Moomsteatern (SE) visited L’Oiseau Mouche in Roubaix France for the first of three job shadowing visits. This succeeded the first artists’ vocational training residency in December 2018. During the course of the OGMIUS project all partners will get a chance to…

Ogmius: Skill based residency in Roubaix

The first residency of the OGMIUS project was held in December 3-14  2018. L’Oiseau-Mouche invited two artists to lead the workshop: Michel Schweizer and Pascal Queneau. Together they designed a two-weeks programme: the first week focused on Michel’s approach to contemporary dance and theatre; the second week led by Pascal Queneau and focused on body improvisation….