Crossing the Line project: 
Residency at Moomsteatern


Working with script

During the first day in Malmö we discussed text and script adaption, together with learning methods in relation to the script. Moomsteatern’s artistic director Per Törnqvist talked about his chain of thoughts while working with a script for Moomsteatern’s ensemble.

Invited to the conversation were also the directors Pelle Öhlund and Nina Jemth. With their distinctive artistic expression they’ve worked successfully together with Moomsteatern in several productions and they shared their views and gathered learnings.

Audience development

The producers and marketing managers from the three companies met to discuss audience development. They shared their thoughts and challenges concerning audience development with examples of completed, current, and future projects.


Choreography, clown and Tjechov

Four artists from Mind the Gap and four from Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche worked together with six actors from Moomsteatern. During four days they collaborated with four different workshop instructors.
The first day began with a choreography workshop with Ola Hörling, the afternoon followed with Nina Jemth and Pelle Öhlund working with clown technique.

Day two continued together with Ola and the aim to create a common choreography. Finally Per Törnqvist led a two days workshop where the actors worked with The Seagull by Tjechov in three different languages.