Ogmius: Moomsteatern hosted supporting staff shadowing (second week)

In March 2020 staff members from Mind the Gap and L’Oiseau Mouche visited Moomsteatern in Malmö, Sweden, for the last job shadowing visit. During the course of the OGMIUS project all partners will get a chance to host a job shadowing visit enabling other staff to observe their work and practice, in order to share and learn from each other’s rich and high-quality training and methods. The shadowing is meant exclusively for staff who support artists with learning-disabilities.

Moomsteatern divided their job shadowing hosting into two visits: One and the start of a new production and the second just in the time for the opening of the same production. In March the shadow-team came back to Moomsteatern to experience the last week of the production of The Erased, and stay until the opening night. The timing was strange, as this was the week that we saw the real outbreak of Covid-19 in Europe. Airports started to shut down during the week, the visit had to be interrupted and all team members from Mind the Gap and L’Oiseau Mouche returned home halfway through the week.

> Click here to watch a film (sound in Swedish, subtitles in English) about the backstage support work at Moomsteatern.