Brussels November 10-11th 2014 Creative Europe programme kick-off meeting

Representatives of all the successful Creative Europe projects from the first round of this new programme gathered in Brussels, to spend a focused two days preparing for their projects. Because, unusually, the application deadline came in March in 2014, with decisions in July, this meeting was ideal in its scheduling as it came just one month before our Crossing The Line project kick-off in Malmo in December 2014.

Suzanne Hedström Hellberg and Jonathan Meth spent the time listening to presentations  designed to help clarify the overall aims and objectives of the programme, how to ensure maximum compliance with the rigours of financial reporting and communication protocols with the EU Creative Europe team in Brussels.

We also took the opportunity to secure a new Creative Europe project officer with whom we could be in contact to ensure everything was in place, and who would serve as Crossing The Line’s ley Brussels point of contact. We managed some productive networking, thanks in part to Christoph Jankowski of the Creative Europe UK Desk at The British Council.

Having previously put together a successful Culture project, (Creative Europe’s predecessor programme – where no Brussels gatherings featured) Jonathan’s reflection was that this was a positive addition to the process, as it connected us all together and gave the bureaucracy a human face.

Now to begin…